A ukulele on the roof.   Sounds looney, no?  But here in our little corner of Tangerine Shores, you might say every one of us is a ukulele on a roof, trying to pluck out a simple, little song, to tell our own little stories.  

Rooster On A Roof
Ukulele On A Roof

Pre Auditions

You are about to make a recording, below.   When you are ready – the microphone on your device must be on – press record, and read the following passages.  Use a different character, voice, or accent for each passage.  One cool thing is you can “Reset” and do as many takes as it takes.  When you’ve got things close to how you want them, send them to us.  Be sure to enter your name and email on the form that comes up after you record.    Afterward, be sure to check your inbox for messages from us.


News Anchor 1:  Jim Brown is one of the best all-around athletes of all time.  He was a track star, one of the country’s finest lacrosse players, he averaged 38 points a game in high school basketball, and he broke NFL records as a running back for the Cleveland Browns.  In 2002, he was named the greatest football player of all time.  Of course, I played much better . . .

News Anchor 2:  Yes, I’m sure you did.  Did you know Jim Brown swung a mean tennis racquet, too? He was so confident in his abilities, he used to make bets on his own matches.  One time in Las Vegas, in 1979, Brown got awfully frustrated when the guy he was supposed to play canceled a high-stakes match just before they were about to play.  Now we turn to our reporter in Las Vegas: Are you there? Oh, there you are.  What can you tell us about Jim Browne’s gamble?

Reporter in the Field:  Uh . . . Not much . . . I kinda blanked out there while you were talking.  Um…Jim Brown.  Well, one time a stranger with a scrawny little kid walked into the tennis club, went up to Jim Brown, and you’re not going to believe what came next.  The man bet Jim Brown that his son, the scrawny little boy standing next to them, could beat Brown in a game of tennis.  Takes a lot of you-know-what to make a bet like that.