Lifting The Curtains

A couple days ago, rain shot down in torrents.  Like curtains. 

For the last couple days, it has been rainy and foggy, with barely a glimpse of the sun … or any rainbow.

COVID-19 Blues

A few days ago, View and I drove to Kona to do something at Costco.  We took the southern route to avoid traffic and to enjoy drier weather.  Traffic from Keaau to Kona via Ocean View was not bad at all.  The weather, on the other hand, didn’t let up much on the other side of Volcanoes National Park.  There were pretty thick grey clouds pretty much everywhere.

Our plans were to shop a bit at the Walmart in Kona, go to Customer Service in Costco and then pick up a few things there, and then go up to a sandy beach near Waikoloa.

Once in Kona, the traffic was pretty heavy.  In spite of that, is pretty easy to find a parking spot at the Walmart.  We got a few things there and then headed to Costco.

At Costco, there was a long line of people with shopping carts waiting to get in. View and I did not take a shopping cart to join them.  Instead we walked up to the entrance and got permission to go to Customer Service.  Only Customer Service.

Costco was trying to control the number of people inside the store.  Having people wait and wait outside in line seemed to defeat the purpose.  Not only that, but the outdoor food vendor was carrying on as usual, with people in lines to buy hot dogs and pizza and such, which they consumed at the outdoor tables.

How’s that for sanitization?

View and I only visited Customer Service.  Did not go inside the store.  Did not buy pizza or even drinks.  Didn’t even get gas.

When we left Costco, the rain clouds were gathering, and told us it wasn’t a good day to go up to the sandy beach near Waikoloa.  So we drove over the mountains to Hilo.

Drizzly, rainy, foggy all the way.

It’s been gloomy all around.

COVID-19 – an invisible army of microscopic organisms – has terrorized us all.  Everything is closing.  Schools, workplaces, some businesses, they’re all closing down.  The stock market has sunk.  Some politicians continue to play their version of politics while everyone is waiting for  . . .  for guidance an trustworthy leadership maybe? . . . or maybe we’re waiting for some semblance of good news.

We’re waiting for this virus to be contained or go away.  We’re waiting for some sign that it’s okay to go back to normal.

We’re waiting for the clouds to dissolve and for the curtains to lift.

A Sunny Day Is Here Again

Yep, right down here on the eastern side of the island, where torrents of rain shot down for hours just a couple days ago – now the clouds are few and white, and sunshine is – temporarily – abundant.

Is that the sign we’re waiting for?

Yes, and No.

Yes, it is a sign that all things pass.  The fear of this virus shall also pass, eventually. The stock markets are bound to recover, eventually.  People will go back to work, eventually.  The only thing we can expect to stay the same is that our politicians will continue to lie and be dishonest.

No, it isn’t a sign we’re waiting for.  I, at least, am not waiting for a sign.  I came to a conclusion that the heaviest fog is the one I put there myself.

To extrapolate, whatever gloom we’re all collectively experiencing these days we cannot blame on COVID-19 alone.  We set ourselves up for it.  The wretched COVID didn’t just come along for the ride, it came to do some of the driving.

It’s up to us to take back the wheel.  It’s up to each of us to do all the driving.  And do what we can and need to do to retain quality in our lives.

Because of the global situation right now, I cannot earn an income from my acquired line of work – substitute teaching.  SO-o-o, I’m acquiring a new line of work that I can do at home.  And now I have the perfect chance to spend time and focus on learning and succeeding in my new line of work.

yo no soy marinero, soy capitan. soy capitan. soy capitan.

How’s that for adapting to a bad situation? For finding a hole in the dismal where the light gets through?   For lifting the curtains of rain, fog, and gloom to unleash brightness somehow, somewhere, some way?

This final sentence is just here because I don’t like to end a post with a question, rhetorical as it may be.  Do you?  – – – Almost did it again.


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