Our Corner Players Presents

A Rooster On The Roof


 A Ukulele On The Roof


Click HERE for the Pre-Audition page 

“Rooster on the Roof” (aka “Ukulele on the Roof”) is an original play . . .  . .  . written by Jerry Waxman in collaboration with other members of Our Corner Players.  (If the audience laughs, it’s a comedy.)

The play requires actors who play multiple characters.

The play is to be performed online, possibly on Zoom.

The play reflects the time we are living right now.

Ultimately we may record the play with captions so that it may be enjoyed by both visual and audio audiences.

Production begins as soon as possible. Performance is tentatively
slated to begin May 17, 2020


Before you go to the Pre-Audition page, prepare 3 voices or characters you would like to demonstrate.  You are going to record those roles on the Pre-Audition page.

Click HERE for the Pre-Audition page