The Story Of  ‘Our Corner’

Part 1 : Grover’s Corners 2020

Randal had a vision – to create an experience for the town of Hilo. To bring the people of Hilo into the fictitious town of Grover’s Corners in Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize Winning play, “Our Town.” 

First Randal had to build Grover’s Corners.  To do that, he gathered a group of people of varying ages, varying sizes, and varying interests to become the citizens of Grover’s Corners – the crew and cast of “Our Town.”

For about three months,  Randal worked with his cast and crew to convey his vision to them.  In the end, Randal and all the citizens of his Grover’s Corners created something that took on a life of its own.  It lived offstage, backstage, behind the scenes, and in people’s daily lives.

It was as if we took one of Grover’s Corners and made it our own.  Our own little corner.  That’s what this website is about – keeping our own corner together.

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Part 2: Fair Verona (in the Park..ing Lot)

Then Theon had a vision.  He set out to create the town of Verona, where two teenagers would meet and play out their youthful infatuations and impulses.

Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is often billed as a story of love and romance.  Yet it takes place against a backdrop of unbridled hate.  The feuding families in the play remind us of the insane divisions in our own modern-day society.

As had happened in Grover’s Corners in 2020,  the citizens of Verona, 2021, became a backstage community with a life all its own.  Now they are also citizens of Our Corner.

This website is for its members to share thoughts and memories and other anecdotes.

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